Grandstream GXP2160 IP Phone

£99.69 ex. VAT

The GXP2160 is Grandstream’s most powerful enterprise IP phone. This Linux-based device features 6 SIP accounts, 5 way conferencing, 24 BLF keys, plus integrated Bluetooth and USB ports. Complete with a 4.3″ colour LCD screen and HD audio, the GXP2160 provides the ideal solution for enterprise and small to medium sized busi... read more >


£99.69 ex. vat
£119.63 inc. vat
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    The GXP2160 is Grandstream’s most powerful enterprise IP phone. This Linux-based device features 6 SIP accounts, 5 way conferencing, 24 BLF keys, plus integrated Bluetooth and USB ports. Complete with a 4.3″ colour LCD screen and HD audio, the GXP2160 provides the ideal solution for enterprise and small to medium sized business users requiring quality and versatility in their desktop communications


    • 6 SIP accounts
    • 4.3 inch colour-screen LCD
    • Automated provisioning


    • Supports 6 lines, 6 SIP accounts and 6-way voice conferencing
    • 4.3 inch (480×272) color-screen LCD
    • Dual Gigabit ports, integrated PoE
    • HD audio on speakerphone and handset, 5 programmable context-sensitive soft keys
    • 24 dual-colored BLF/speed dial keys
    • Integrated Bluetooth

    User Interface

    • 4.3 inch (480×272) TFT color LCD
    • User and administrator level passwords, MD5 and MD5-sess based authentication, 256-bit AES encrypted configuration file, TLS, SRTP, 802.1X media access control
    • 24 speed-dial/BLF extension keys with dual-color LED, 5 programmable context sensitive softkeys and 5 navigation/menu keys
    • 11 dedicated function keys for : MESSAGE (with LED indicator), PHONEBOOK, TRANSFER, CONFERENCE, HOLD, HEADSET, MUTE, SEND/REDIAL, SPEAKERPHONE, VOL+, VOL-

    Call Features

    Supports traditional and advanced telephony features:

    • Call log (500 records), waiting, hold etc
    • 4-way audio conference, call park, pickup, shared-call-appearance (SCA)/bridged-line-appearance (BLA)
    • Downloadable phone book (XML, LDAP, up to 2000 items)
    • XML customization of idle screen, off-hook auto dial, auto answer, click-to-dial
    • Flexible dial plan
    • Hot desking
    • Personalised music ringtones
    • Server redundancy and fail-over
    • GXP2160 phone
    • Handset with cord
    • Base stand
    • Universal power supply
    • Network cable
    • Quick Installation Guide
    • Brochure
    • GPL License

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    C. J. Wilber

    A well made, and good looking phone. PoE works fine with my Ubiquiti PoE switch. A few glitches with some of the inbuilt programs - weather doesn't work, though it appears there is a fix imminent. Sound quality is good, hands free mode works well, and the build quality is very good.

    Kenneth Tung

    Feature rich phone system at a fraction of the cost of the big name system. Bought 10 for my office. Awesome phone. The only problem is the menu is hard to read and some of the features are not as easy to activate.

    Chris Baron

    This phone is awesome! I decided to go off on a limb one day and built a phone system using FreePBX for my office. I looked around at phones for a while, took a look at Cisco because they're so common in other offices, and even took a look at some Android desk phones. For the price I couldn't find anything that had so much value as the Grandstream. The color screen is nice, (though the view angle could be a bit better), and there are a lot of buttons you can program etc. It has an adjustable stand, and it also wall-mountable! Probably what I love most is that this phone has Bluetooth. I can hook up my little Plantronics headset up and pace around the office and get things done while I'm on the phone. Since I bought this phone, I also bought one of the lower models that has a smaller screen and less buttons, but it works great as well!

    Ricky T.

    Grandstream products DO NOT carry a manufacturer's warranty. Only resellers do. It's hard to tell what your warranty options are because of this. We've had issues with several of them. However... Grandstream has EXTREMELY responsive support, and they have been very receptive to new feature requests, and any other support requests. We are now running 16 of these phones, along with the GXP2130. The build quality is nice, the handset feels a bit heavier than our old phones. The screen is amazing, though the viewing angle isn't the best. Overall, it's a very nice looking phone, sitting on the desk. Color screen, nice graphics, the ability to customize the main background and screen layout. We plan to order another dozen or so. So far I've been able to get it to grab config files from our server, as well as our xml phonebook I do have a few complaints... 4 ring tones. I just don't get this. Don't worry, it's not like you can't customize them... but each phone has 4 ring tones. One, by default, emulates a ringback tone. You can change this via the phone's web interface to change the frequencies and make a different sounding ringback tone. The other 3 can have custom files uploaded. Here's where the problems begin. To make a file for the phone, you must take a file you get off the internet, put it in an audio program, convert to PCM wav, run custom ringtone program from grandstream, convert the file to a .bin file, put that .bin file on your TFTP server, then reboot the phone and it will download that ringtone. Multiply for every ring tone you want to "test". You then have to delete those ring tones from the server, because other phones might download them by accident. It's a lot of work just to change a ringtone. When you have multiple users, there's no way to give people options without it taking time. It would be a milltion times easier if you could upload a .bin file to the phone within the phone's web interface, and not have to reboot. The reboot alone takes nearly 2 minutes. The interface is a little slow in some cases, but it's not bothersome because it's a consistent slowness. Not as if it's bogging down at any point, but loading phone book screens and main menu can take a second or two. The reconnection of Bluetooth headsets seems to be a bit flaky. My current phone is rock solid and never has issues reconnecting to my headset, but this phone has, several times, asked me to re-pair the headset. (Current beta firmware has fixed many of these issues, but is not yet released) I think the microphone of the handset makes the person on the other end, using the same phone, sound just a bit tinny. While talking to someone who was on a different phone, they sounded great. It's not a deal breaker, but I thought the other phones had a mic with higher quality sound pickup. After several months of use, I don't even notice this anymore. I also dislike how the appearance keys work. When you set one key as a BLF, the light is green 100% of the time the other extension is on-hook. Flashing red when that extension rings, and solid red when that extension is off-hook. I also see no indication of a possible orange (red & green combo) as we have on our current phones for extensions set to DND. With LEDs that are on 100% of the time, some could eventually fail. Some will fail before others, meaning that phones will have to be replaced. While this may just be an issue with our phone systems, it's something to consider.


    A very good phone. A very easy set up, its easy to set up the quick fast dial switchboard. The speaker phone is just average good, not "great", not even nearly good as "polycom". However, people on the other side claim to hear me better on this phone vs Polycom phone when I am on speaker phone. I only like to use speaker phone which frees my hands and I can use the computer while I am talking to the clients. It is a good phone, yet I would like more option to program the soft keys which seems a little limited here. Out of all the phones, I tend to like this the most for now; the price is also much cheaper than Cisco and Polycom phones.


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